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Halloween Pumpkin Solar Lights

Posted by Matthew Little on

Add spooky solar powered effect to you carved pumpkin lantern! If you order our Jam Jar Solar kit then, until Halloween, we will also provide four red LEDs which can be used to add a spooky glowing lights to your carved pumpkin. This kit provides a solar powered light that automatically turns on at dusk to give a red glowing... Read more

Soldering is Easy!

Posted by Matthew Little on

As all our kits need to be soldered together, we have been asked a number of times about soldering education and information. We usually point people to the excellent 'Soldering is Easy' comic produced by Mitch Altman, Andie Nordgren and Jeff Keyzer. This is a really great comic-book style introduction to basic soldering techniques. This guide is visual, easy to... Read more