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TV-B-Gone - Switch off annoying TVs!

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We interrupt this program to bring you.... TV-B-Gone kit allows you to take control of your local environment. It is a 'disruptive technology device' designed to switch off annoying and unnecessary televisions.

The TV-B-Gone was conceived by hack-hero Mitch Altman. It is designed emit the 'OFF' code for the majority of TVs in Europe and the US.

Basically it is a TV remote control which only has the power button. It is designed to turn off inappropriate TVs, such as unwatched ones in public spaces. It is a commercial product, but Mitch has also worked with Adafruit industries to have an open-source design.

The kit instructions are available here.

The design files are available here:

Please find the "Soldering is Easy" guide available here.

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